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Poetic Care Services


Poetry for the Senses group workshops
& one-on-one coaching


My Poetree Garden interactive
creative installations


Poetry Day Spa events
& Retreat Days


Motivational Presentations
& Poetry readings

What We Offer

Our tailored workshops and poetry events are uniquely designed to meet your organisation’s or community’s needs. The values of compassion, integrity and inclusiveness underpin our work, which is offered with attention to detail and a focus on creative approaches to preventative and restorative well-being. Professional collaborations are welcome.

Professional Advocacy & Prior engagements:

Australasian Association of Writing Programs Conference, Perth (2018)
Aftercare, Brisbane (2017)
Annual International Arts & Health Conference, Sydney/Port Macquarie (2017/8)
ANZATA Symposium, Christchurch, NZ (2016)
APS Jubilee Conference, Gold Coast (2015)
Arafmi/Aftercare Retreat, Brisbane (2017)
Braille House ‘Poetry Day Spa’, Brisbane (2019)
Brisbane School of Distance Education Enrichment Day (2019)
Calanthe Collective ‘Poetry for the Senses’, Mt Tamborine (2020)
Greater Brisbane Mental Health Expo (2020)
IABA Asia-Pacific Conference, Noosa (2017)
IHHN Conference, UK (2018)
International Conference on Art Therapy, Beijing, China (2019)
Mental Illness Fellowship of Qld, Brisbane (2017)
Metro North Hospital & Health Services, Brisbane (2018)
Mother Tongue Multilingual Poets, ACT (2020)
Mt Nebo State School, SE Qld (2019)
Narratives of Health and Wellbeing Research Conference, Noosa (2017)
Qld Writers’ Centre Writing for Well-being Series (2017)
Qld Writers’ Centre Live-Streaming Series (2020)
RFQ Recovered Futures Conference (2016)
Scenic Rim Regional Council (2018/2019)
St Ita’s Catholic Primary School, Brisbane (2020)
The Story Conference, Melbourne (2019)
UQMS Every Kind of Mind Symposium (2016)
UWA Medical Humanities Network, Perth (2018)
Women’s Orthodox Fellowship Worskshops, Brisbane (2015)

Poetry Readings/Online publication:

ANZACATA Poetry Slam (2019)
Mother Tongue Multilingual Poets (2020)
Poet @Clancy’s, Mt Tamborine (2018/2019)
Guest Poet, Pop-up Poetry, Calanthe Collective (2020)
Thrive Creative Health Forum (2018)
UWA Medical Humanities Network Pandemic Poems (2020)
“Window Sill”, Well-known Corners, Poetry on the Move Festival (2020)

Poetry embodies the human spirit,
communicates the sacred,
transcends cultures, generations, languages, time…
The power of poetry lies in its ability
…to ignite curiosity and encourage openness;
…to spark dialogue;
…to connect and energise;
…to offer peace;
…to facilitate self-reflection, self-revelation
and problem-solving;
…to distil human experience
…and ultimately, to plant hope…


What people have to say about our workshops

“…Found this course thru a sign at the library. Came on a whim. Glad I did! Entertaining, playful, action packed, inspiring."

"… [A great afternoon, relaxing, fun, learning. My days now with a new appreciation & looking forward to my new journey. It has begun, one day at a time. Whatever it is, with words.."

“…Wonderful afternoon. Enriched and inspired to give words some space to work their magic…”