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Letter to Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,

I’m going to beat you with a stick
whenever I feel you
from now on
rearing your ugly, ugly head…

I’m no longer interested
in your lies and distortions..
about my self-worth…
about my strength…
about my potential…
about my habits…
about my values!

I’m no longer interested
in your reminders
about my weaknesses
about my procrastination
about my stress levels
and about all those I will let down
because of what I haven’t finished
…what I haven’t YET accomplished!

I’m not interested…
because your scales
are not the scales of justice;
they are not the scales of mercy;
they are not the scales of hope
they are not the scales of love
and they most definitely
are not the scales of peace…

Keep your lies to yourself
and be banished from this planet
We have enough to worry about
without your help…
Thank you very much!

Yours no longer,

15 November 2015

Poetry Art: Sunset Chorus in Braille

Sunset Chorus

Do you hear the sunset chorus
Camouflaged by dusk’s light sheen
Foraging for food and friendship
Inside canopies of green?

Can you hear the deaf’ning ruckus?
Thousands upon thousands here
Each one acting out of instinct
Each one’s ‘satisfaction cheer

Might you hear their hope-filled voices?
This their home that’s still intact
Right on cue they come for feeding
This their species’ secret pact

Can you hear your own voice echoed
In the chant they offer all?
Is it not a chant of glory –
Simple beauty, complex call…?

Each day with anticipation
This free chorus I await
Each day never disappointed
By the meal on this here plate…